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Automated Cutting and Engraving System

Laser Machine

  • A laser cutting machine uses a high-power laser to slice materials.
  • Utilizes laser optics and CNC to direct the material or laser beam.
  • Motion control system follows CNC or G-code pattern for commercial laser cutting.
  • Laser beam focused on the material, resulting in melting, burning, vaporizing, or blowing away.
  • Leaves a high-quality surface finish.
  • Industrial laser cutters handle flat-sheet, structural, and piping materials.
Automated Bending System

Automated Bender

  • A bending machine is used to create a bend on a workpiece.
  • This is achieved through the use of a bending tool during either a linear or rotating movement.
  • The kinematics can be used to classify the bending machine in more detail.
Automated Cutting System

Automated Cutting Machine

  • The improved automated system efficiently feeds the work piece through the saw blade while it rests on the sliding table, resulting in faster, precise, and effortless cutting.

UV Flatbed Printer Machine

  • Flame polishing is a technique used to polish materials such as thermoplastic or glass by heating them with a flame.
  • The surface of the material melts and becomes smoother due to surface tension. It is important for the operator to have the necessary skills to achieve the desired result.
  • ¬†Flame polishing is particularly useful for flat external surfaces and is often preferred for acrylic plastic fabrication due to its speed compared to abrasive methods.
  • When performed correctly, this method produces a crystal-clear finish.

Diamond Polish Machine

  • The acrylic diamond polishing machine is specifically designed to polish acrylic materials using high-speed diamond tools.
  • By using this machine, acrylic edges can be polished in a single pass, removing any saw marks and producing a clear, polished finish.
  • This technology allows for precise and accurate polishing, resulting in a sparkling finish.

UV Inkjet Printer Machine

  • UV Inkjet Printer Machine is high ink performance and machine technology achieves outstanding speed.

CNC Router Machine

  • A CNC Router Machine is a cutting machine that is computer-controlled and similar to a hand-held router.
  • It can cut hard materials like wood, aluminum, acrylic, PVC foam, steel, and stainless steel.
  • CNC routers are capable of performing tasks that were previously done by many carpentry shop machines, such as the spindle module and the boring machine.
  • Additionally, they are capable of performing engraving work.