Optic Glasses & Contact Lenses Display Racks


PotensiWajaDesigns has been the leader in providing high quality and durable spectacles/sunglass acrylic display stands, contact lenses acrylic holder, Acrylic spectacles/sunglass/contact lenses storage racks for many major retail outlets. Our spectacles/sunglass display and eyewear display products have been known to surpass other major manufacturers in both performance and quality including a lifetime guarantee and exceptional customer service. Whether it your interest is in a slat wall display or a counter spectacles/sunglass display, we are always expanding our product line.

Customized Eyewear Displays

We offer the ability to create a custom spectacles/sunglass display, contact lenses acrylic holder to meet your needs, and all of our spectacles/sunglass display, contact lenses acrylic holder shown on this web site can be customized and specifically designed to fit your needs 



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